Sold! And what...

It’s a strange feeling having your first shot sold. A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to get more serious about my photography. I had returned from a trip to India where I shot mostly RAWs and I realised that this lets you concentrate mainly on composition, and let you work out what you want in other domains later.

I set up a SmugMug page ( and now this ( and the domain up there (after thinking for a while and registering two previous).

I’m doing a photography course but lazy as I am, I slept through this morning’s class, which I bet was the most useful of the lot. Gah. It’s going to be a slow climb for me, as my other job is as a medical specialist-in-training in a busy city hospital and I have speciality exams approaching in under 6 months.

But thanks to whoever it was that has crystallised my desire to make better works, with more thought to what I am doing, what I need to convey and here’s to learning for us all!

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