New Group: The Urban Environment.

As a child growing up on the suburban fringe of Melbourne, trips to the city were especially exciting. After coming back home after many years elsewhere, I still experience a tingle of excitement in the hub of the urban environment.

There’s now a group that encompasses this.

Grime. The City. Beautiful and Elegant. Abandoned and Broke. The People Within.
The Urban Environment is the playground in which so many interactions occur. Where bridges are made, broken and crossed. When we stop to pause, we notice a richness and a multiplicity of complex layers, each with its own uniqueness.

This is the place to post interpretations of the city, and the interaction of the human with it. This can include urban landscapes or fragments, places, people interacting with the environment, or each other. The urban context is important, and artists are encouraged to include pieces with a sense of atmosphere and purpose.

Accompanying descriptions may help convey this in a broader sense.

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