After a year or more of solid significant credit card debts, I am about to be out of debt. Or I was, until I celebrated (after much consideration) buy ordering two items I had wanted for ages – a colour calibrator for my monitors (iMac CD and MacBook, latter of which has me all confused because of its damned glossy screen) and a new lens.

I played with my lens first – a cheapie, but a goodie: the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8. It seems to produce DOF that’s shallow enough to appreciate. Especially compared to my icky kit lens that I’ve been using since my Nikon D50 was stolen last year (the Nikkor 18-70mm was the kit lens for the D70, it is no longer kit).

Then I calibrated my iMac’s screen. It wasn’t a massive change, which is good (I expect this on the laptop) but the screen became perceptably ‘clearer’. The model I chose wasn’t locally available – it’s the Pantone Huey Pro. Both were ordered from Amazon and saved me $150 or so (considering the PHP is not available here, I am happy).

So that was nice. Now I hope I can translate this across to my produce (I don’t feel like using ‘work’ as Real Work™ is dull and a source of pain at the moment).


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