Finally getting into gear.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve made the step. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve acquired a mate’s old flatbed film scanner, and ordered two lenses. I am excited, and in debt. Is that cause for more excitement?

The lenses I’ve ordered are the Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 AIS (it’s at the folks and I don’t get it until after my birthday!) and the Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8. I’m hoping these will challenge me creatively and in what I can use them for (hopefully more than nice glass paperweights).

The film scanner is a bit of a learning curve. But… rather than much needed furniture, I need to extend myself creatively.

Longing (freestyle musings tonight).

Copied from my facebook tonight – freestyle musings. Thinking to move some of this to a letter to the the Indian Voice (, and maybe a letter to The Age (but very unsure about that).…


For a long time, before, but more so after I went to the UK in my elective trip, have I wanted to return to the UK.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists actually seem to provide a strongly structured education-focussed training experience, that in Australia is shambolic at times. In Victoria, the educational experience is strong, but part of this is the fact that the two leading universities step in and provide our mandatory formal education course, by means of an expensive masters. The other part is that some hospitals provide teaching, though this varies from site to site.

The ot

New Group: The Urban Environment.

As a child growing up on the suburban fringe of Melbourne, trips to the city were especially exciting. After coming back home after many years elsewhere, I still experience a tingle of excitement in the hub of the urban environment.…

There’s now a group that encompasses this.

Grime. The City. Beautiful and Elegant. Abandoned and Broke. The People Within.
The Urban Environment is the playground in which so many interactions occur. Where bridges are made, broken and crossed. When we stop to pause, we notice a richness and a multiplicity of complex layers, each with its own uniqueness.

This is the place to post interpretations of the city, and the interaction of the human with it. This can include urban landscapes or fragments, places, people i

No!! Disappearing T shirt...


I’ve got a bunch of T shirts in my cart, just waiting on some extra dough to go and buy them. But one has disappeared :(

Does anyone know who made the t shirt design with the world map, in monocolour (I think it was only available as a black tee, with white stencilling). The geographical features were made with lines.

It was sehr cool.

Perhaps the change in printing tech is the reason why…

Note to self – things I want to buy
- Someone made a coloured space invaders tee that also went missing
- Space Invader 2 by Hema Patel
- One Less Car by Sasufi
- Control Through Fear, Scott Robinson


After a year or more of solid significant credit card debts, I am about to be out of debt. Or I was, until I celebrated (after much consideration) buy ordering two items I had wanted for ages – a colour calibrator for my monitors (iMac CD and MacBook, latter of which has me all confused because of its damned glossy screen) and a new lens.…

I played with my lens first – a cheapie, but a goodie: the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8. It seems to produce DOF that’s shallow enough to appreciate. Especially compared to my icky kit lens that I’ve been using since my Nikon D50 was stolen last year (the Nikkor 18-70mm was the kit lens for the D70, it is no longer kit).

Then I calibrated my iMac’s screen. It wasn’t a massive change, which is good (I expect this on the laptop) but the screen became perceptably ‘cle

Man Down!

Well. Foot up!

I injured my right foot at work the other day and am on crutches and unable to mobilate (I like that word, hmm). As a result, I unfortunately had to cancel a trip to NSW to locum at Port Macquarie, but also a chance to see mates in Sydney.

Alas. At least this gives me a week of solid study time for my upcoming written exams.

T shirts and new wall art sizes

The new wall art sizes are great – I often crop my work and much of my stuff was unprintable before. So thanks guys.

T shirts. These are probably suited more to freehand art (drawings, sketches and paintings) than photography. But hey, I’ll give it a go with one or two photos that are too small for printing here. See how it goes.

Very happy to hear my good mate Jeff ( sold a couple of shots today – check his work out – lots more great stuff coming from him in the future.

He also likes to be referred to as a “Mango”…


I noticed a mate of mine here mentioned his flickr site, so I thought I would too. I’m only a new amateur to photography, but I feel as though I have progressed a lot in the last year since my snaps became more thought out and move towards art rather than literal depictions of a place or smell – to more interpretive.

Maybe it will continue to be really slow, who knows. Upcoming exams for my medical speciality training might send things off kilter for a while, but I do find photo shooting and processing a relaxing diversion.

Needs: extra gig of ram.

Wants: to understand what photoshop can offer, how to use it; a 35mm f/2 or 30mm f/1.4

Visit me despite my ramblings :) –

Back Up/@them

I ended up having tonsillitis last week. So I cancelled my flights to Sydney. I was most pleased when my GP told me to rebook as I should go and take photos :) I think with pressures at work and with exam study and my resubmission of an essay from my master’s subject from last year it was a well needed break.

Thanks to Ritika, Aparna, Sue, Susan, Deepak, Kenneth, Sonia and Ellen for your time – it was nice to catch up. Kenneth, I think we will avoid Parramatta for Chinese food next time. And Aparna… I’m not so sure Surry Hills is the Sydney Fitzroy… but it sure has a LOT of Indian food. Grocery shopping was also fun. Ritz… thanks for your time and help. Sue… we will see you soon. S and D… don’t argue till I get there next. :)

Not too well

So it looks like my plans have been thwarted. I have tonsillitis, and my fever just hit 39.3… it’s slowly coming down… but sigh.

I guess I may not be able to do my on call this friday (need the dosh to kill debt, but it’s likely to be crazy busy). Nor may I be able to fly to Sydney this long weekend to see old WA mates and spend a day shooting around Sydney.

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