I was born and raised in the greater Detroit area. Spent most of my time absorbing techno and going to raves.

Eventually I got serious and went to San Francisco to take my chances as a fashion photographer.

The dream changed when I discovered the beauty of Photoshop, and god I love her. I soon decided to keep photography as a lifelong hobby and then I became an art director. Jesus, I sold my soul to the Advertising world.

The whole time as I was whoring I was also DJing and organizing events. I think that the beauty and aggression of Drum and Bass saved my mental state as I worked in the restrictions of advertising, I mean, I never went postal or anything.

You’ve got to realize how much advertising sucks. First you come up with a kick ass idea and then everyone in your department waters it down. If you’re lucky you can present whats left of your idea to the client and then the client waters it down even more. It’s kind of like getting kicked in the nuts over and over again, but at the end of the month you get paid.

Well sure enough the bitter bite of the ad world forced me out of the game and I decided to come to Tokyo to see what life had for me. I wasn’t that adventurous or anything though, I had a lot of Japanese friends who were already living here so I had a lot of hook ups.

As soon as I hit the green tea soaked concrete of Tokyo I was DJing again and soon after that I was organizing events at such clubs as YELLOW, Milk, The Ruby Room, Amate Raxi, etc.

I love organizing events, making people dance to good music is such and important thing. I think that everyone needs to forget about their shitty jobs and to hit the dance floor. It is such a positive way to feel life and to be alive.

Well, seven years later I’m still organizing events and DJing here in Tokyo. To be honest, I can’t stop it. It is like a vicious addiction that I can’t shake. It is just like my art. I’ve been making these images for years and years and years and I can’t stop.

I get a story in my head and I choose and image to represent the story, kind of like a poster represents a movie. Then I make the image and I ask the world to decide what the story is.
To each person, they decide a different story with a different ending. Everyone is the story teller. Now if I could make them dance while they look at my images I’d be a happy boy.

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And now that it's over... It's time to fire it up!

Just had a gallery showing at Design Festa in Harajuku, Tokyo. Two days of talking, standing and drinking, not sure how I survived but I did and it was fantastic! / I sold about 80 percent of all my work. The trip home was much easier then the trip to the gallery, that’s for sure! / I now feel excited to do it all over again, the ideas for new images are running through my head like fresh b…
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Drinking the day before a weekend

Well, it happens… Drinking just before the weekend. I have one last day before I have my weekend (it’s only Saturday that I have off but it’s cool) and I’m drunk as hell, what can ya do? It’s cool and the only problem is that I can’t make any more images tonight, well, I can do it tomorrow night if I don’t decide to hit the all god loving whiskey. God I l…
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Never enough time on the weekend.

Oh how fast does the weekend fly away. / Hours from now I’ll be back in the grind trying to remember the reckless fun of Saturday night.
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I'm going NUTS!

I love my apartment. My neighbors are fine and they leave me alone. It’s near the station so transportation is not a problem. / But…. / I totally hate the recent construction that’s constantly going one 3 meters from my room. / The skull shaking banging and the ear piercing sawing is driving me MAD! / How’s a guy supposed to be creative when….. WAIT! / Fight fire wit…
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