(Excerpt from: 'Prometheus 2.0') (Story is pending)

Her skin was like ice as Dwayne’s head, broke surface. Some part of him, deeper, and at the moment somehow unimportant knew they both should be dead. How long had Kula been trapped below? Minutes? It seemed indeterminable, far longer than any believable interval could have been. How long had it taken him to reach her? The portion of him, that which was still, separate and identifiable as such, warred openly with what clearly was not. Screaming, silently that this was wrong! Unnatural! Nothing Human could survive the icy plunge from the bridge high above, let alone walk carrying a drown girl from the depths of the bay.
“Dose it mater so much?” That calm voice spoke from within, even as Dwayne perceived the body, his body, come to a halt now upon the shore, then knee lowering his burden. Watching as Kula pale form was lain on the hard ground.
“Look at what we have become.” The entity once called MN446217 continued, as someone, who once responded to the name Dwayne Somerfeild watched.
Watched as hands, at once familiar and yet somehow alien moved over the body of Kula Maze before them with a deft speed and skill moving, touching, probing, again and again, at literally thousands of points along her frozen form. Frivolous perhaps to the observer, but each time reaching deep, into the fiber of her cells, imparting energy, repairing damage at a phenomenal rate.
“And what I have given you, pales beside what you have granted me.” The voice commented, pausing for the second required for Kula to sudden violently move! A horrible gurgling issued as she her first act was to roll and double over, violently retching as the rivers brackish waters were expelled.
“You will live! And in that life give me meaning!” the machine within continued emphatically, just as Dwayne suddenly heard his own voice, saw his own hands reach out to touch and give aid.
Gasping, in that moment wild eye Kula rolled back to face him, staring for several seconds, uncomprehending.
“Dwayne?” She managed at last.
“Yeah.” He replied, “I guess?” he then added, it seemed appropriate.
“And through her.” The voice silently added. “You will teach me what those who created me never would.”
Oblivious of this Kula continued her recovery drawing deep lung full of air, astonished that something so polluted could taste so absolutely, sweet!
“How?” She gaped at him, gesturing at the gloomy vista containing the bridge behind him, suddenly remembering. “I, I was!”
“He saved us!” Dwayne told her gently, reaching out to capture her hand. “He saved us both!”
Kula continued to gaze up at him, comprehension slowly dawning. She searched his eyes, looking for some tangible hint. Some infinitesimal clue, which might, just might reveal what, lay within the young man before her, gazing at her as well from behind those scarlet eyes.
Suddenly it didn’t seem to mater, a swelling of simple gratitude suddenly welled up from within. He should have run! Everything, which dictated common sense or logic, screamed that! Her eyes fell, momentarily, recalling the fire fight! While Kula could say she had seen everything that had happen, there was one clear acidic recollection. A memory, which somehow demanded she seen the man kneeling before her walking through a hail of gunfire! Her gaze flitted, then at last found hundreds of light white circular scars, cascading about his chest abdomen. The visible fading remnants of bullet holes! And these she knew would be gone within the span of a few hours.
He had come back! For her! But that could only mean…
With a gasp Kula threw her arms about him, abandoning everything. Logic, common sense? To hell with them both!
Dwayne Somerfeild had been a man, but, in a very real sense, both of them knew that individual was no more, the strong young body which even then Kula drew tightly to her was controlled, by something… else.
And so it had been a machine, A machine which had come back. A machine which had allowed emotions to override it directives and incredibly A machine which had chosen to fight, against all odds the very forces which had set it into motion. And in do in so, was a machine no longer.
Kula drew back, gazing again up at him, her own eyes shine brightly, she did not resist when the moment then urged he lower his mouth to hers.
“Yes.” The entity mused. “I will know love… and through that love we will change this world.”

(Excerpt from: ‘Prometheus 2.0’ by dreaming bear) (Story is pending)

(Excerpt from: 'Prometheus 2.0') (Story is pending)


Kansas City, United States

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