Slig's log: Inaugural entry.

As I take command of this, the flagship of the federation…
Wait a second…
Ok, since this is, my first entry…
Actually, I have no clue what to say.
I suppose this is a learning process and I am eager to begin.
I have been drawing and creating most of my life, but now suddenly I find myself at a crossroads.
Down the tried and safe path I could eventually find a local audience and perhaps even make a name for myself.
However, I suddenly realized something, which struck me as rather odd.
It’s not about the money.
Over the past few years, I have had some success, a bit here and a bit there selling the odd print.
That intern got me into this line of thought, that maybe I could be some big name talent.
Hey, who wouldn’t want to be rich, right?
Unfortunately, I lack credentials and any serious reputation. The later of which could change but thus far, I have not exactly found a sympathetic ear.
Oh, boo, hoo! Woe is me, nobody likes my stuff!
Then, on the verge of giving up I suddenly realized something, it hit me like a flash.
That I, like my stuff.
Oh, please don’t get the wrong idea I’m no bigger egotist than any other artist out there.
Its just that, some where down that long road over which suddenly found myself, competing with others I never even knew, that I had lost that spark which first promoted that I pick up a pencil.
The realization nearly destroyed me.
Not in the literal sense, my life was never in peril, but there dose come a point in every ones life where you have to make a hard choice.
And truly see with new eyes.
I love what I do! Every line every badly scribbled line.
From now on, I swear that I will find those things that are most important.
Moreover, I will comment on what I feel are those quintessential things.
Is it only art for example when the person creating it owns only the latest software package?
Most people say that art is value because of its uniqueness. Some say because of its correctness.
Both viewpoints are right but when one disallows the other, it is in that instant you are dead wrong.
(Ever notice? That all the really, good artist’s are kinda mess up?)
I don’t mean that as in being bad people, but it just seems to me that the urge to create requires an amount of introspection, the ability to look within that most people just don’t seem to do.
So, here I am, final taking this the first of many steps, trying as I believe many of us are.
We the chosen crazy creative few, the malcontents, the misfits and the beautiful dreamers…
The Slig walks among you…

How’s that for a initial entry?

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