Happy Snow In Seattle by theShad0ws I Want No Presents by theShad0ws

At the very end of all, the story begins…

Now I’m opened. I’m now too obvious, too predictable, too candid. Beauty of secrets is no longer in my possession. I’m un…

Merry Christmas, Merry Christ (CONTINUED)

That’s why I’m praying, writing you a letter… / “Merry Christmas,” calm, I say to you tonight…

Write For Me

I come to You just as I am, / But I don’t want to leave the same.

A Thousand Of Reasons To Smile

And, strangely, – a heart broken down. / A smile is found in that, too. / For always, I know, when we can’t make a sound, / There’s s…

You Are Not My Savior

You look directly in the eyes of who I am, / Not noticing I’m screaming out for love. / Calamity of mine might matter not to them, / But it…

My Indifference

As long as I don’t stand with frozen eyes / And look at You, You hanging on the cross / Where You have made the difference of life.
Reflections. by theShad0ws Shhhh... by theShad0ws

If Nature Lived

…it challenges a tiny human heart to presume that something we hurt so deeply can love us so unconditionally…
Before You by theShad0ws

Too Long Ago To Matter

t’s there, but your pride denies. / Your pride. The one that laughs as your heart dies.
Behind by theShad0ws

Из страниц моего Псалтыря…

Вершина славы моей – у подножия ног Его…

Why Love Me This Much

Even trying is worthless to try.
Square by theShad0ws

But Only Heaven Understands

…a shattered heart is so much stronger / Than a heart with love concealed.

The Best I’ve Ever Written……

….and all I ever had to write…….

Someone Else, But Not Me

…I know our hearts will stay…
Luminous Silence by theShad0ws Wonderland by theShad0ws A Blooming Rose :)) by theShad0ws Glance At Me by theShad0ws

So :))

Because “nothing” is just what you don’t know. / It’s the details that you missed when you left the movie rows. / I…
Ephesians 2:4-5 by theShad0ws Don't [Stair] by theShad0ws The Spirit by theShad0ws

Teach Me How To Write

I want Your heartbeat for the rhythm, / Your voice to lift from pages of the ink. / I want to write what nobody could fathom. / My life wit…
Winter Dreams by theShad0ws

Hey, It’s Me…

Sometimes… You know… / I… I thought that… / I wanted to… / …think… / …that…
Witness Twin by theShad0ws Invisible. by theShad0ws

MY HEALING: I Don’t Want To Fight For Life

…I have lived this life fighting for You… now I have to fight You to live…

Heaven’s Precious Iris

You’re right, I cannot speak the angels’ language… / But, sure, we’ve been through things much stranger…

Paraphrase. (Six Word Story)

“How it is and how it should be.” Heard of that? Well, paraphrase it and get it straight.

Right. (Six Word Story)

Maybe there’s something wrong about that, too.

Wrong. (Six Word Story)

Maybe there’s something wrong about that.

The Rose

A night in goodbye… So solely / She crashes, severely torn…
Witness. by theShad0ws

For A Moment: The Liar (One. Stupid. Truth.)

Well, if they could tell the truth, they wouldn’t lie in the first place, right?

For A Moment: The Schizophrenic (Sarah)

Ironic, we share a name and a life. But one difference between us sets us millions of realities apart:…

For A Moment: The Ugly (In Brenna’s Shoes)

In her eyes, ugliness appeared in the mirror’s reflection in its form of perfection.
Sweet Release by theShad0ws


The thing is… nothing’s wrong. / I’m fine, alright. Besides the fact I’m not.

Merry Christmas, Merry Christ

It seems it was too long ago to matter, / Yet, my soul remembers goodness done back then; / My heart still treasures it as good old letters…
A Thousand Flashes; One That Stays by theShad0ws

How Attentive Your Stillness

The dullest flame in heart’s abyss is dying to burn bright. But the blind is yet to see the splendor of Unseen for can’t a burst of little …
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