Welcome to our world.

You’ll find us in the darkness,
You’ll find us amongst the lost,
You’ll find us under the happiness,
of the long forgotten frost.

Welcome to the world of The Ruby Tuesdays.

Started on a cold Tuesday night, The Ruby Tuesdays were ready for the hunt.
We chase the dusk, the darkness, the lights of the night. We feed off each other borrowing inspiration, models, light writers and equipment.

We document our world, the beautiful and the ugly. The light and the dark. Our environment and our minds. But only, on Tuesdays.

We invite you to join our world. Take a seat, grab a coffee or a cup of tea, and let us take you on our journey with us.
We give you shotgun, but be aware, prolonged use may cause addiction.
Should not be viewed while using heavy machinery, may cause heart palpitations.

The Ruby Tuesdays are:


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