My Camera Store

First of all, let me apologize to some of you that don’t care about seeing this. I correspond with several people here who are interested in earning money from their photography and this is one way I can show them all what I have found at one time, but this will not be a regular occurrence for me.

Anyway, I am experimenting with a pay-for-click advertiser on my website (Chitika is the advertiser) and one of the features they have is an online shop that you can choose a category for and then they show articles and best price ads on those types of products.

I chose digital cameras and then I was able to select specific keywords as a filter. I chose Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Pentax. When my ‘store’ is automatically created for me it shows products and articles based on those keywords and displays those types of products to potential buyers. So far it is doing a pretty good job of showing the lowest prices on things, or at least showing me similar shopping results to what I get when I do a google search for the camera I am lusting after at the moment, the Pentax K10D.

If you get a chance check it out:

My Camera Store

To set something like this up for yourself go here: Chitika

I am still fiddling around with what they have to offer so I haven’t added much to my blog yet.

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