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My Tips for Writing

Another writer asked me if I had any tips for writing.
So, here they are: :)
1. Be okay
Work on your own balance, healing, inner peace, joy, love, every day. The more you are okay, with you (subconscious mind I’m talking about), the stronger your writing will be (even if the writing is “dark”).
2. Write for yourself
A friend told me, “The book is for the author.”
Feel good about what you create, what your standard, way of expressing yourself is, and let the rest go.
3. Open up the Pipeline
Read. Listen to music. Meditate. Pray. Paint. Garden. Walk. Whatever it is that puts you in that special “space” for creativity. The more you do it, and act on it, the more you keep it open, and clear.
4. Hone your craft
Practice. Practice. Practice. Just write. Worry less about what it is, does it sound good, is it worthy, and write. Someone said, “Write for the waste basket.” And learn. Expand. Get better.
5. Trust your instincts
It may not make sense, what the inner voice says to write. Write it anyway.
6. Don’t ever stop or let go of the Dream
No matter what happens, don’t stop.
7. Push your own cart
Sure, it’s great to get support. Yes. But don’t expect it. Be your own cart pusher. Because at the end of the day, when you’re sitting in front of the blank paper or screen, you, is all you have.
8. Support other writers/artists.
I think of this as an extra. Pushing out positive vibes, brings me back like energy. I figure I need all the energy help I can get. Give praise, just because you can, not because you expect something back.
9. Read, re-read, edit, edit, edit.
Always read through your work. Then read it aloud. Then go through and edit, edit, edit. Then read it aloud again. It needs to SOUND good. It needs to SOUND how it FELT when you wrote it. (got the reading aloud from someone else, can’t remember where I read it, but it’s a great tip.) And then, edit, edit, edit. Editing is a thankless, cement watching job. And while you can get an editor, the editor wants the work, only AFTER you, as a writer, have finished YOUR edit.
I wish you well on your writing journey! :)

Side note:
Twitter is a great place to express poetry and thoughts. Also a great way to get in touch with other writers. Use the following hashtags to find people & writing: #writer #writing #amwriting #amediting #poetry #micropoetry #poem #author #book #wip

Update 2-10-13:
If you want to improve your story telling ability, and your story structure, I HIGHLY recommend the book “Story Engineering” by Larry Brooks. Reading that book is like taking a master class on writing, and story telling, in my opinion.

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