Yo. Hi. Sup? Sappenin? Alright so here I am, just out of boredom honestly. My name is Brent and I’m a musician. That’s really all there is to know.

I’m recording a record and just finished up all the guitars for all 18 tracks. Yesterday and the day before yesterday, I had been recording vocals for the first song – which is actually track 2 since track 1 is merely an intro to track 2. Today I don’t really feel like recording anything else, so I probably won’t finish up the song for a few more days.

Here’s something from the record, just for fun, but I warn you the 2nd clip was mixed really fast and the audio was squashed a bit (makes it distorted sounding):
track 2, vocals only
track 2, guitar and more vocals

Anyway, I better get up and go do something productive.


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