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I cant believe it I went to the job centre last Thursday 20.11.08 week and they said I have to come off my course next October what would be the point of that ,getting Level 1 and not letting me finish the rest, hopefully I will get the Level 2 by then but maybe not get to do the third and I was hoping to go to univeristy and get a degree, well I have decided there is no way they are going to stop me I will get my degree somehow even if it takes longer, I am quite a happy go lucky person so I wont let it get me down it will just make me worker harder thats all.
I wouldn’t mind its not like I have never worked, always did just stopped to look after my children yet there are a lot of people who dont work and dont even get off there backsides and do courses to help and heres me working hard at what I do and they want to take it away, well no chance I wont let them had enough dead end jobs in the past, this time at my age I want to do something that I love which is art and writing .

Anyway there is my moan for the day lol feel better now good idea these journals.

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