“For once you have tasted flight, you will always walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you long to return.” – Leonardo DaVinci

From the time we are children, we look to the skies and the stars and dream of the flight of birds. That feeling within the freedom to soar. We wish upon stars and we daydream endlessly of the spaces we might visit beyond our small worlds. .

We begin so early to form these theories of flight

Through the centuries, we have taken great strides to attain that inspired loft. We have tried to set down the plan and create the ability of flight.

It is found in cave drawings, mythologies, charcoal sketches, mathematical equations and modern blueprints. But these lack the pure magic.People have always built towards the sky, towards the sun, towards the stars and the unknown horizons.

Up has always been the goal in one way or another.

Up to gain the advantage of sight, devices to catch the wind, as an ease of defense or for transmission and communication. For expedited travel and for exploration of the stars beyond.


We build these vertical dreamscapes with a sense of great accomplishment . . . but they are often nightmares in the fold too.
To me, the architecture of such things only serves to create a feeling of being bound here. They are reminders of the lack of our ability to fly. All this as the birds fly higher and look down in their amusement.

As adults I think we are too easily separated from those early dreams of flight.

The theories become an art lost to time.
We claim limitations and reality as our new theories.
We do not allow the mind to wander wildly or without boundary.
We do not give ourselves permission to dream, to play or to invent.

We worry too much what others would think if we did.

So these pieces come out of pure imagination . . . my own theories of flight. The “canvas” was the encaustic palette, photographed upon the heated metal plate and directionally lit to assist in creating the effect of landscape.

Those landscapes then suggested themselves out of the wax and pigment swirls and the imagery seemed to etch itself into place.

And as for the birds, yes, they are there too. In silhouette and shadow to represent the impressions of that other, limitless and wondrous time.

Theories of flight are about a certainty.

That every person has wished for the power and magic of flight while watching a bird soar above their head. . . and it is just as certain that not one single bird has ever looked down at us and wished to be what it cannot be. . . not for a second.

nicolas hall

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