{WonderLand 3}

{The Capture of the Jabberwock}

{ Year 1894}

’…Alice, dear Alice.
Alice, dear child.
Alice, dear Alice,
stay with me, awhile.

For Wonderland is dark -
lay your head on your pillow.
Close your eyes, softly,
and enter the darkness
of your mind,

where you keep the key.
Close your eyes
and then you will see.’

Alice fell into a slumber,
that night.

Found herself drifting,
into permanent night.

Falling and drifting,
would she never hit ground?
With the roar of the Jabberwock,
all around.

To finally land,
in a long corridor.
She opened her eyes,
and stared all the more.

Wondering upon wonder,
Oh, where could she be?

Where is she at?
Oh, how could she see?

In the dim of the light,
lit by torches on walls?

By herself,
all alone
in dark,
echoing halls.

She blinked, and listened,
behind one of those doors,
a rustling sound,
she could hear all the more.

From her pocket,
she grabbed hold of her knife.
Held onto it, tightly -
I value my life.

Remembering the time
she confronted the Hatter.
And skinned the White Rabbit -
for the Duchesses’ platter.

What could be the matter?
Why have I returned?
But the roar of the Jabberwock,
made her ears burn.

He must die,
of that,
there is no doubt.
That is why I’m within,
this desolate house.

I will walk very quietly,
upon this carpeted floor.

And her heart began beating,
all the more.

When, from the far-distance,
she suddenly, did spy,
something approaching,
and within the blink of an eye.

He was there,
in front of her face.
All head and small legs,
no body, no trace.

‘Humpty Dumpty,
what are you
doing here?’

But he was still panting,
his face full of fear.

’Look at me.
Look at my face,
dear child.

Cannot you see,
I look
ugly and wild?

Oh, I am so ugly,
pray, can you help me?
I use to be a handsome egg,
you see.

I never, ever use to look like this.
The Jabberwock’s to blame,
things are going

Escort me back
to my wall,
I humbly beg.
For never have I been
such an ugly egg.

And then I will tell you,
straight and true,
how to defeat the Jabberwock.

And If you do,
there will be no need
to return,
to permanent night.

All will be happy,
within the bright light.’

So they set off,
down the long corridors.

That twisted and turned
through these desolate halls.

The corridors seemed,
to go on forever.

Into the distance -
would they never,
ever come to an end?

Still, Alice heard noises,
at the turn of each bend.

And still, she heard noises,
still, she heard sounds.

From behind the closed doors,
they were all around.

On the other side of the doors,
as they walked along.

‘Oh, don’t you worry
about them, child.
They will always belong,

behind those closed doors -
but don’t try to open.

And don’t try to speak,
what should NEVER be spoken.

You will never find
what you always seek,
if you open a door,
and take a peek.’

‘Why ever not?’ said Alice,
somewhat perplexed.
She was beginning to feel,
frustrated and vexed.

’I was called here, yet again.
Wonderland is in trouble
in darkness and pain.

Something to do with the
Jabberwock, this time?

But you know I must wake up,
by a quarter to nine.

For my Auntie and Uncle
will stir me then.

They raise me from sleep -
before a quarter to ten.’

’Then we must make haste.
And make it fast.

Get me to my wall,
then, at last,

I can tell you,
how to defeat the Jabberwock.

Behind one of those doors,
is a very long sock,

that is very hard to capture.
You must use
all of your guile,

to capture that sock,
and drag it a mile
or so -
from here -

where be the Jabberwock.
To stop his roar,
you must use that sock.

You don’t have to kill him,
No, that will never do.
Use the sock, dear child,
and it will see you through.’

Alice sighed,
and looked down
at her shoes.

’My dear, dear Humpty.
You have just told me the news.

I do not need
to escort you,
to your wall.

All I need is that sock -
and my guile an’ all.

Pray, tell me what door
that sock, be behind?

So I can capture it,
and then I will find
the Jabberwock,

with his frightening roar.
Outside, from this hall,
and these
dark corridors.

For when I want to be,
I am a very fast child.
So, pray, tell me Humpty.’

But Humpty just smiled,
and pointed a finger -
long and thin.

’Behind that door,
is the room,
that the sock, be in.

But be ever wary,
and you will win.’

So, into the room,
Alice did go.
The room – being empty
so quiet – you know.

Save, for an old
rocking horse,
and alphabet blocks.

A dear child’s rattle,
and a
small red
spinning top.

An old dusty book,
on Victoria,
she spied.

But never,
with her blinking,
bright blue eye,
did she spy the sock.

Maybe he’s hiding?
thought Alice.
I will sneak in
and surprise him.

So, deeper into the room,
she did go.

Crept very quietly,
[ being good at that,
you know]

While Humpty Dumpty
waited outside,
feeling his ugly face,
as he cried.

In the meantime,
stood over a hole
in the floor -
and waited, she did.

Her patience paid off
when, in an instant,
up from the hole,
appeared the sock.

She grabbed it,
and held it,
in a vice-like lock.

It struggled and struggled,
but she did not let go.
Dragged it from the playroom,
as Humpty, did throw.

A large bag over the creature,
Alice, tied it tightly,
before it could free itself
from it’s confines,

As within that bag,
she felt it struggling.

‘There. Now,’ she gasped.
‘We must get out of these halls.’

‘My word,’ gasped Humpty,
’you have got balls.

Now you must face the Jabberwock
And into his mouth, you must jam
the sock.’

They walked and they walked.
Would the corridor,
never, come to an end?

The torches, on the walls
lit their way, round the bends.

The torches, they whispered,
‘This way.’
Now, here is the exit
and do NOT come back.’

Stepping out of the halls,
and into the forest.

Humpty ran – because he had spotted
the Jabberwock. Humpty ran, behind a tree.
Shivering and quaking, violently.

’Don’t you worry about him.
I will sort him out.’
Cried brave Alice,
she had no doubt
in her ability,
to keep hold of the sock.

She opened the bag,
and pulled it out, hard.

It struggled and struggled,
trying to squirm away.

To disappear into the dark
of the forest,
but no way,

was Alice, having that.
As the Jabberwock stood,
getting ready
to attack.

Which it did, anyway.
Roaring it’s defiance,
in every way possible.
‘Ah, shut your trap.’

As she jammed the sock
in it’s mouth,
it fell back.

And came crashing to the ground.
As the sock wormed it’s way,
down the throat of the Jabberwock,
where it could hide everyday.

And silence held sway.
As Humpty, thanked Alice,
and went on his way
from the scene,
once again,
a handsome egg.

And Alice, awoke,
back in the warmth
of her bed,

that belonged to her
Auntie and Uncle,
who cared for her since,
the fire took place,
at her residence…

Wayne Leon Learmond
{WonderLand 3
The Capture of The Jabberwock}
All Rights Reserved

{WonderLand 3}

Wayne Leon Learmond

Liverpool, United Kingdom

  • Artist

Artist's Description

WonderLand 3. The Capture of the Jabberwock
Part 3 of my dark story.

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