{WonderLand 2}

{Darkness Returns}

{Year: 1891}

‘…Alice, dear Alice. You must come back within Wonderland.
The Hatter is back – with his friend, the March Hare.
And they are on the attack…’

Alice, pulled onto her covers so tight.
Snoring so lightly, during most of the night.
The thick-cushioned pillows were lovely
and warm

Her head on the pillows.
Mouth open – she yawned.

‘…Alice, you listening? Come back with me, child.
The Hatter’s gone mad, driving everyone wild.
The March Hare is with him – he’s gone mental you see.
They have got no time now, for afternoon tea.

It has been three years
since you came back to us.
Still, Wonderland, is not like it was.

The March Hare is his helper.
Child, cannot you see?
We are all in danger
if you do not help me.

The Hatter is angry – he wants his revenge.
There is hate in his eyes, you must fight -
till the end.

This curse he holds over Wonderland, you see.
Still keeps it so dark, and so unhealthy.’

And, suddenly, Alice, opened her eyes.
Memories of a fire in which both parents’ died
from the smoke.

She could still hear their screams:

Echoing through her brain.
Driving her wild.
Fell back on her back,
slipped into a slumber and snarled.
Closing her eyes, ever so tight.

‘Alice. Come with me into
permanent night…’


So dismal.
So dark.
So cold with the sound
of the Jabberwock’s bark.

She opened her eyes. There to see:
The White Rabbit, the Caterpillar
and she made three.

‘Ah, dear child. So you have answered our plea.’
The Caterpillar smiled, peering down, at she.
‘It is so dark and dismal – as you can see.
Why did we call you?
Why, that is easy.
Tell her, White Rabbit -
and please stop bowing to me.’

The White Rabbit glared
at the caterpillar, hard.
Turned back to Alice and asked:
‘Are you smart?’

‘Why do you ask that?’
Alice wanted to know.

‘Well, if you were smart,
you just would not show
up here,
in permanent night.’

‘Well, if that is your thanks,
I will wake up, alright?’

‘Oh, Come, come. He did not mean it.’
The Caterpillar sighed,
then asked: ‘Have you seen it?’

‘Seen what?’ replied Alice.
Still somewhat confused.
Peering down,
with a sigh,
at her shiny black shoes.

’Why, the Jabberwock, of course.
He is an enemy too.
His roar is so cold,
it would turn the air blue.

The Caterpillar puffed on his long hookah pipe.
Peered at Alice and asked: ‘You alright?’

‘Not really.’ Replied Alice.
‘What is exactly the matter?’

And suddenly, the roar
of the Hatter,
could be heard -
in the distance,
such a terrible sound.

The White Rabbit jumped,
ten foot off the ground:

‘There, that
is the matter.
Did you hear that?
The sound of the Hatter,
he’s so mental, he’s mad.’

‘Then what must I do, to make it alright?’
Pleaded poor Alice. ‘Do I need to fight?
Or use my brain?
Tell me again. Give me the answer
and give it me plain.’

Then the Caterpillar uttered his words of wisdom:
’You must defeat the Mad Hatter. He is the reason
for all of this matter.

He is the reason for all of this worry,
because somebody put too much sugar
in his tea – and it stewed.

So,what did he do?
He turned the place cold,
and desolate too.

Defeat the Mad Hatter, and you shall see.
Wonderland will go back to how it should be.
And the Mad Hatter wil return to normal size -
and the March Hare too.

And what a surprise that will be.
And you, my dear Alice.
You will save us and see.’

‘Hmm.’ Pondered Alice, ’seems to me,
I see.
That the Hatter needs to be tied
to the strongest tree.

Where I will gag him, and bound him.
Once and for all.
And Wonderland will be safe
from his frightening roar.’

‘And what of the Jabberwock?
And March Hare too?
What you do to them,
will be up to you.’

Said the White Rabbit,
trembling with fear.
As the roar of the Jabberwock,
reached his ear.

’Don’t you worry about them.
I will sort them out.
I will slice them and dice them.
Of that, there’s no doubt.’

Then the Caterpillar puffed, on
his long hookah pipe.
Peered at Alice and said:
‘You should run now -
while I disappear.
I spot The Hatter
and March Hare, their here.’

And for the poor White Rabbit,
this was no fun.

‘COME ON!’ screamed the rabbit.


‘A knife is all I need, to sort these two out.
And as for the Jabberwock – if he’s about -
I will sort him too. You do not need to chatter.
I am older now, to fight the Hatter.’

Then with a mighty roar.
And a mighty shout.
Mad Hatter stormed
into the clearing,
and out,
from the trees.

White Rabbit, ran for his life.
Just behind Alice, who pointed the knife.

Then the March Hare bounded into the clearing.
‘Oh, look. It’s Alice. And look what she’s carrying
in her hand – a knife to be sure.’

The Mad Hatter peered down, and smiled all the more.

‘All this because sugar,
had been left in you’re tea?
All this trouble – why, you’re a baby.’
Alice peered at the Hatter
( who was taller then the trees )
Nearly straining her neck,
if you please.

The Hatter and the Hare, stared, with incredulation.
Then they laughed and they laughed, till their sides
were aching.

Alice, stepped forward, and bounded them both.

They carried on laughing, thinking it was part
of the joke.

She tied them and tied them,
and tightened
the knots.

Tied them and tied them,
with all that she got.

Then, pushing them, to the tea-party table.
Helped by the White Rabbit – because he was able.
She set about making a fresh pot of tea.
Stirred it quickly, then let it settle you see.

As the roar of the Jabberwock,
carried on the air.
She continued to concentrate -
continued to stir.

The Mad Hatter was looking, as mad as could be.
The laughter had died – only scowls now, from he.
And the March Hare continued, to glare all the same.
But they were gagged at the mouth, so they could not

‘Are you both willing to taste this brew, that I’ve made?
If you complain, I will kill you right here, all the same.
It is not stewed – being freshly done.
The pot is hot, so you can both have some.’

They nodded in agreement
( but what else could they do)?
Being bound and gagged,
but they wanted tea, not stew.

So she stepped up to them both,
and pulled the gags down.
Showing them the knife
as they began to frown.

‘Ah, ah, ah.’ She smiled. ’ Naughty, naughty. My dears,
you really aught to start being more friendly to me.
I am only trying to help. Here, take a sip.
It is good for your health.’

With teacup in hand, she placed on their lips.
They began to scowl as they took a sip.
Supping from the cup, in absolute glee.
It was not stewed – being brewed freshly.

Suddenly, the Mad Hatter, shrank down to size.

Followed by the hare – well that’s no surprise.
The darkness had lifted, and the light, it did reign.

Alice yawned, and woke up again,
in the home of her Auntie and Uncle,
who cared for her since,
the fire took place, at her residence…

Wayne Leon Learmond
WonderLand 2}
Darkness Returns
All Rights Reserved

{WonderLand 2}

Wayne Leon Learmond

Liverpool, United Kingdom

  • Artist

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WonderLand 2

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