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I’m a young artist, “artist” being using used in many senses. Not only do I do photography and graphic design, as well...


Well. It’s July already. July 3rd to be exact. And inspiration is dragging… somewhere behind me, and it hasn’t caught up yet.
I haven’t painted in at least a month if not more.
I can hear my brushes calling my name… oh they sound so lonely. Oh well. I’ll pick them up again when an idea hits me.
Speaking of ideas, perhaps one will tomorrow, considering it’s Independence Day! Maybe all the red, white and blue will shout at me and say something like, “Hey! Do you see how amazing we colors are? How pretty and perfectly we fit together?” and then something else will happen… and maybe a train will come… and then BAM! I become run over by an idea.
Or something like that.
Huh. Who knew ideas have legs.

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