A picture says a thousand words,...or does it ?

<b>Back before the days of PhotoShop,etc., when you were looking at the work of an amatuer photographer, you felt reasonably assured that “What You See is What You Get”.
However in this day-and-age, where a hundred different types of cameras can capture images that can then be manipulated by hundreds of simple, (or Complex ) editors, you are never really sure you are seeing a photo that represents reality.

This is a troubling situation for an artist who thinks themselves to own a seasoned and talented “Eye”. Most photographers have a friend or associate who’s skills and vision they share and admire. Such friends can be an excellent source of constructive criticism, or an occasional ego-boosting complement from someone who “Gets It”. Yet, as we expand our horizons of both: (1) what is possible with our cameras, and, (2), who can view our work, we have lost such familiarity and the “common values” shared with real folks we actually know.

Another benefit,( or deficit ), to this marvelous World Wide Web of like-minded ShutterBugs. I myself can spend hours and hours just clicking the “Photos” button on my Stumble Upon" toolbar, finding the work of millions of photographers around the cyberverse. On several occasions, I have had the good fortune for the random search engine to land me on a site that has never been seen or rated by another Stumbler!

At such time, I can click on the “New” site, or just 1 picture that I really like, and will get a ratings or review box that pops-up and lets me write a blurb about the site or pic, and add it to my Favorites page, for others to click on and give a look.

I seem to have lost the thread of what I wanted to say; about true photographic skills / talent, or the lack thereof which can be easily disguised with a few editing tricks. I guess that what I want to ask, is " How do we now rate or quantify a photographer’s talent, when someone who can afford a good photo editing software package, can turn mediocre work into something extrardinary ?
I mean, that sort of editing and manipulation is also a learned skill, and like basic photography, it also comes naturally and easily to some people. Anyone who has just jumped into Photoshop Elements, or any good editor, can tell you, that it ain’t easy by any means. I myself find it too expensive, and to time consuming to bother with, but that’s just my personal take on it, and I would really like to be able to “splice and dice” and brush and recolor, and all that cool stuff, but could I then call it “Photography” ?, Or is it “Imagery”, and is there a difference ?

What Do You Think ? Comments Please !</b>

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