Dead words

Six feet beneath the surface
From lips cold as ice
Whispering ever-softly
We must head the dead’s advice

You’ll never get what you want
In your land of the living
Desires are useless
Most would die before giving

Useless to strive for peace
In your land of the meek
Wars and bloodshed are inevitable
There’s no turning the other cheek

You mustn’t lust for others
With love, another lost art
Laying your soul on the altar
Ending only with a broken heart

Live your life the way you want
It can be over in a seconds time
Down to pass through Hell’s gates
Or the stairway to Heaven you’ll climb

There’s no avoidance to death
So your one life you must cherish
With the aspect of the unknowing
How, or when, you’ll perish

The end of days is coming
So prepare for your doom
We’ll claw up from our caskets
And dig all your tombs

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