Featured Works

It seems a lot of people like to show off their works that have been featured in various groups, and I’ve decided I will jump on the bandwagon and do the same.

Seeing as this is the first journal entry I’ve written on the subject, I’ll list all the previous features that are still shown in my activity feed. These are the features for the past 4 months.

A big thank you to the moderators of the following groups :)

“One Tree Island” – Featured in “Natural Color and Light”

“Lysterfield Lake Sunset” – Featured in “Dawn and Dusk Light” and “Landscape Photography”

“Sunset over Finley Lake” – Featured in “Live, Love, Dream”

“Fisherman” – Featured in “Australian Travel Photography and Writing”

“Marriners Falls” – Featured in “All Water in Motion”

“Marengo Rocks” – Featured in “Rocks and Bones”

“Fire Rising” – Featured in “Australian Bush and Rainforest Photography”, “Skyscapes” & “Mountains and Light”

“Horizon Burning” – Featured in “Night Photography”

“Fire in the Sky” – Featured in “Skyscapes”

“Incoming” – Featured in “Live, Love, Dream”

“Reed’s Lookout” – Featured in “Mountains and Light”

“Golden Glow” – Featured in “Mountains and Light” and “Australian Bush and Rainforest Photography”


Alex Stojan

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