Beginning: blue butterflies & a couple of flowers

Will anyone ever read this? I have my doubts. :)

But I’m bored at work and I’m 100% hooked on this site.

I uploaded five pictures to start out with. I have so many more that I can hardly wait to share! The Morpho ones are among my favorites.

If anyone has any tips for getting the most out of RedBubble, let me know!

Here’s who I am.

I live in the Midwest, so the natural beauty here is of the gentle, sweeping kind: no mountains, oceans or canyons. But that’s okay, because flowers and tiny bits of nature are where I draw much of my inspiration.

I believe that God made beauty so we would be drawn to him through the supernatural, inexplicable “music for the eyes” that is so plentiful all around us. As music for our ears is composed of harmony and melody and rhythm, so art for our eyes is composed of light and color and spacing. Art and music are the same, and come from the same Artist. There would be no beauty and no music if there were no Supernatural.

Sometimes I hesitate to capture an image, either out of reverence for a timeless moment or out of fear that I will be under-representing something extraordinary. But the images I do capture, and minimally process, are from my soul, and I feel more alive when I look at them. It is being a part of creation, delighting in God’s abundant gifts and thanking him for the eyes to see.

“Dear, if eyes were made for seeing, then beauty is its own excuse for being.” -Emerson

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