My First Paid Photography Job!

I am so excited. I was recently asked to be the photographer for my university’s music department. This will involve building up a significant library of images for use in brochures and web sites, as well as many other recruiting and promoting materials. I’m also asked to run some of the older ones through some work in Photoshop to make them useful and attractive for these same purposes. I am thrilled to actually make money doing things that I love doing. Plus, I will get to attend (and see up-close) premiere concerts and recitals, as well as shoot lectures from famous musicians. How exciting!!! I just had to share it with my fellow Bubblers!

There is a related issue regarding the legal side of things. I’d like to retain full ownership of my images and keep the university from editing them – yet they need to have unlimited use of the images in their required parameters. Any hints on how to accomplish this? I know nothing about legal issues, and would appreciate even a helpful web site or forum thread someone knows about. (I posted a question already in the RB forum but haven’t had much luck!)

Anyways, I just wanted to share this great news. Thanks to all who have commented and encouraged and critiqued my work over the months I’ve been here.

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