The Gift of Art

Hey friends,

Many of you have heard about the group called The Gift of Art, the charity fundraiser run by the folks in A Photographer’s Craft. All benefits from artwork purchased from that group (and not from the artist’s portfolio) goes to the National Cancer Institute. I know many of us are starving artists, but if you are looking for gift ideas for someone who perhaps is hard to buy for, please consider buying artwork from The Gift of Art. You can give two gifts at once – and the person receiving the artwork will be thrilled to know their gift also promoted cancer research. This could be a very meaningful gift especially for those who have been affected by the rages of cancer. Please take a few moments to think about how you could help. I’m sorry if you’ve been inundated with these journals – I’m just assuming a few people haven’t heard about it yet. Thanks everyone for your generosity and thoughtfulness.


Journal Comments

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