The Duke lost control

The Duke snapped today. The Duke lost control. The Duke was hungry, so The Duke thought he would stop in at a fast food store. The Duke put his foot out the door and stepped in a pile of rubbish. The Duke had dirtied this Brando shoes. The Duke thought, this is not cool. The Duke look up and saw the bin was only 3m away from this pile of rubbish. The Duke thought this could of been avoided if the pig humper who did this had only walked 3 or 4 more paces. The Duke was not pleased. In fact The Duke was pissed. The Duke heard laughter and found that they were directing it at The Duke. The Duke thought, that is not cool. The Duke reached into the glove box of his borrowed Mercedes. The Duke was surprised at what he found. The Duke found a 12” Dildo. The Duke smiled and thought this will do. The Duke launched out of his seat and started to give this Gang-Starr a thrashing of a lifetime. The Duke found himself yelling, “ THIS IS NOT COOL, THIS IS NOT COOL. The Gang-Starr had started to cry. The Duke regained composer. The Duke straighten his suit. The Duke left the store. The Duke was no longer hungry. The Duke thought that this experience, was not cool. The Duke says, put your rubbish in the bin.

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