a change for the better (plans to leave and others)

22 month til 18, 24 till i disappear

as soon as i turn 18 i’m packing all of my shit and 2 months after that i leave i don’t know where but i need to leave the only reason to stay is my mother but even then there is no reason to stay.

i leave to florida or california either way im goin to stop writing.

there reasoning for this is cause my ex and her boyfreind who i thought we were friends but i guess not. they’re goin to move in together we she turns 18 or gradates. and i also can’t stay cause of the people and the scars that heal get reopened and i can’t take it.

and if my school life continues im goin to end up droping out after the first semester and taking the high school equivelency test when i turn 18.

also i f anyone who knows me personaly just to let you know im going to to go through a drastic change i plan one loseing 50 lbs by the end of the year, quit smoking and drinking by the end of summer, and try and turn everything around so i can try and save myself from ending up like everyone in my family .

i cant take any of this any more so i just thought i would let you know.

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