my family ladies and gentleman

im offically fed up with all the bull shit in this fucking world and now my family is about to kill each other and im stuck in the middle of it. my family is fucked up the ass. yeah sure im may know how to manipulate people to my whim some are easy other take time but my fucking bitch of an aunt (both of them) no matter how much resolve you have she will push your buttons and make you that person on the subway you dont want to be near on the subway in the not so off chance you’ll get shot stab or even the shit beat out of you.

then theres my cousins they and my aunt a.k.a. the queen bee-otch feed on my grandma for money and when my family ask for a couple of dollars for food, gas, or something we need, they blow up at us.

now to single out one aunt Queen bee-otch and the biggest fucking ho the world ever fucking saw and her daughter is the same fucking way and her daughters kids are the biggest caffine without caffine addicts i have ever seen and there is possibility there retarded (problably from the mom spending to much time on her back while pregnant) now my aunts son has spent most of his miserable life in jail and yet he claims hes turned his life around but yet he still does drugs and shit.

his step son is the biggest bi polar in the fucking world one second hes your friend the next hes a giant fucking prick.

the other aunt my uncle and there offsping are the rich end of the family and yet they still “borrow” money from my grandma. okay a more appropriate term is sit on money. cause q.b.’s son keeps fucking borrowing money and never repaying.

then my uncle bitches cause my grandma spend the winter in arizona and the summer up here so shes spends a couple months at her apartment so she can see him and the rest of my family. and you guess it she sees them a couple times i mean 2 fucking months and not a “oh lets stop and see grandma today.”

like i said my family is fucked up and im stuck in the middle

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