T-Shirt Design Wanted

Greetings t-shirt designers. The T-shirt Revolution group have been contacted by the lovely Jo O’Brien, requesting our fine t-shirt design services so if you’d like the chance to work on a commissioned design, please read on. Jo is looking for quite a specific design in terms of concept but it will be the execution that will be the decider. Think good typography, great tomatoes …

Dearest Commissioner,

I need a t-shirt design which combines the global phenomenon of the I ♥ New York design with a tomato. Specifically, I’m after a t-shirt in which the iconic heart is replaced with a tomato. So in essence it would read I Tomato New York. Obviously this does not make any sense, unless it is a gift for the staff who work at a fantastic cafe called New York Tomato .

Many thanks for your assistance,
A lover of New York Tomato Cappuccinos

  1. First you need to join A T-shirt Revolution
  2. Please post your designs in this thread once you’ve completed them
  3. Please submit only one version per person (your best one as opposed to 56 different versions just to be on the safe side)
  4. It’s best to submit designs sooner rather than later so you don’t miss out
  5. You can post questions and comments in the thread too
  6. Please tag your works with “new york tomato”

Ok GO!

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