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Two Flames One Heart ..... Happy  Valentines day  Darling   by TheBrit You are .  " The  One and Only" .   who sleeps within both sides of my heart by TheBrit ... F  O  R  B  I  D  D  E  N ... by TheBrit ... Happy Birthday Kitty  ... by TheBrit

My muse has finally left me …..

My muse has finally left me, yet I miss her so terribly, / I am left with thoughts of her tender whispers / of wanting to push the plume wi…

Affairs of the heart

You had a secret meeting / sunbeams shining upon / the both of you, as you / left the monotony behind, / For a few stolen moments / pleas…

Three little paper boats

A cool breeze within in the air of solitude / rays of sunshine showering a life giving energy / along the waters edge, / finally reaching a…
My Heart has turned within a different direction.....! by TheBrit

where the buffalo roamed and ruled

rain drops begin to fall slowly before the thunder spread lightning / bolts astray, i knelt down before you, as the onslaught of rain best…

i saw you rise slowly above the water

as i sat upon a swing over looking a small lake / listening to the notes of a piano with the beckoning / sounds of an orchestra of violin s…
Within oneself by TheBrit This Longing......... by TheBrit Love within an abstract by TheBrit


inner peace flows through your heART / as the moon awakens the oceans / of time, likened to gold dust running / through your fingertips / h…
one single Teardrop by TheBrit

one single Teardrop

a single Teardrop ran slowly along my cheek / it then seeped into the cavity of my chest, / i could feel this Teardrop swimming around

You are one of a kind, so very special ……

You smiled within my heart / i could feel your very pulse, / running gently along my viens / you reached my heart .


as i am playing, i think of you… / into a musical trance i do flow / knowing you will be recieving my musical thoughts / these music…

The breeze from the wind

i ask the wind"would you please do me a favor" / the wind replied and said"what could i possibly / do for you on such a glo…
Totality by TheBrit

freedom from within

feel the essance of totality / being bestowed upon you / feel the freedom / of your beautiful symphony
You are my Muse by TheBrit She had lost her heart by TheBrit

She had lost her heart

she decided to be strong and face life / with a new vengance and adventure / she migrated to a whole new world / moved to a country which s…
as the moonlight shines by TheBrit

From my heart to yours !

vibrations of delicate wings / resonating back and forth

My heart is burning with intense feelings of Amor

My heart is burning with intense feelings of Amor by TheBrit

A Kiss from my heart to Your’s

Deep within the fibres / of my heart / i hold a deep passionate kiss / awaiting to be released / only for you / my darling,
A Kiss from my heart to Yours by TheBrit

Sadness & Love

such a difficult word to express / feelings so deep in the heart / sadness of lost love / feels like , having your heart

mind heart and soul

can feel the magnetic forces / of love between people of / different color,be it / red. white, yellow ,brown / or black / love knows / no b…
As we dance within our Hearts by TheBrit

Soaring hearts

swirling in a dance of loving rapture / a symphony of love / waiting for this moment in a lfetime / to happen / blowing in the wind / sewn …

My Heart is a Flower

my heart is a flower that blooms every waking second / the power of our connecting love breezes together
My Heart is a Flower by TheBrit Vacant Heart by TheBrit

Vacant Heart

you came into mylife / you did a real number / on my heart / i fell for you / hook line and sinker / you were on my mind

We all have demons

they visit / when you least exspect them / from nowhere / they decide to knaw and nibble / on your inner thoughts

The Heart of Gaia

Gais’s heart pulsates / droplets of living tears / Teardrops of blood / brimming with love, hope and joy / flows into streams
Your Heart is an Ocean of Love by TheBrit Your Heart in My Hands by TheBrit Time to break the mold by TheBrit My Heart is an Ocean of Love by TheBrit

Your Heart is an ocean of Love

As each droplet / is pumped around / Your body / In waves of movements / Like a ticking clock / As the moon rises
Tears  of an Angel by TheBrit
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