~White Feather~

White Feather~

Have you ever wondered what De’ ja vu may be? Well for one young man in particular this question presented itself daily. Most often when seeing a feather on the pavement or floating slowly through the air. Danial Loved nature very much, and was sad anytime he thought of the miss-fortune in other countries, or within his own area. He knew deep inside he wanted to be happy loving, and passionate about life. Danial worked at a regular job still doing what he could for the environment any chance that arose. He loved animals and they loved him. One night sitting outside in his small backyard he fell asleep while gazing at the full moon. Drifting into his dreamland as a small four-year-old boy walking up to a Native American sitting under a tree beside a stream. With one White feather in his headpiece. As he strolled up he noticed this dark skinned man was

Weeping. This little boy made his way up to this man, and took his hand asking why he was crying, this Native man smiled looking up took Danial by the hand saying walk with me.
As they strolled along the waters edge they came to an opening at a curve in the stream. The land opened up and further down the tree line and grass stretched out with an active village bustling with energy and motion all in complete harmony. As they approached this setting he noticed people all working together of all races creeds and cultures all as one. Danial as a small boy believed this to be perfect without hesitation feeling so content he lost himself here, and found his own way.
As he made his way he found himself able to float in and throughout this land seeing amazing beauty of the countrysides, and of the diverse cultures from around the globe all interacting as a community without regret. While in this Spirit like state drifting about he found himself within a circle of elders those whom delegate tears of people to take care of the daily needs and functioning of this Nation. These Elders consisted of every race, color, culture we know. As Danial drifted noticing the intense energy lifting from these Elders he stalled to listen to their delegations and heard what they were speaking of. He noticed that particular races of white men were presenting the idea of some sort of gambling arena to gamble and bet their wages. The other Elders refused these suggestions with vigor, and humility. As Danial was drifting away he noticed a small group of white men squabbling amongst themselves about gambling on their own. Not being able to do anything or tell anyone he felt scared and helpless with these thoughts of deception going on without the other Elders. As Danial tried to capture someone’s attention he awoke abruptly. Still outside, and desperate to tell someone his dream.
Unable to recapture the essence of the whole dream he gave up and Went to bed. On arising to the day Danial had a new unique view of things. He noticed the sky and great clouds, the birds wherever they were, and any trees or plants along his way. He wondered why he had such an awesome dream, and what this meant to him. He was on his way to a construction site he was doing some painting work on when he saw a feather lying on the ground, bringing him a sense of feeling this before thinking the same thoughts, and feeling he had been here before. Baffled yet again, he carried on to the daily routine. He always had an attraction to Native American cultures, and ways of being just unable to attain his desire to fulfill this with answers. Only questions. One of his job sites required him to travel to an area on a Native reservation. He was going to speak with the owner of a store about the job, and what was involved in the renovation. As he pulled up he noticed a group of State police parked in front of the store he was going to. As he stopped e saw a struggle with a group of people of Redskin, and the police. The police threw a tall distinguished clean cut Native American to the ground and proceeded to arrest him. Danial was shocked and angry at what he saw. He soon after found out that that was the man he was to meet. He also found out the tribe was only standing up for their belief that they did not have to pay taxes on certain products. That night Danial tried to explain his dream and constant draw to the Native American Culture to his girlfriend. She consoled his restless heart and he drifted off to sleep. Now drifting into his dream world finding himself by the stream once again a bit older, and alone he found his way by flying to where he felt he needed to be and found himself again witnessing this group of select men now in secret playing games for goods, and forming a group of men interested in gambling and gaining wealth. Feeling helpless his efforts only bringing him confusion as to what he could do to stop this progression of greed. He forced himself to walk the streets and find his first guide here. White feather he thought of him as this tall comforting tender Native. He made his way back to the tree he originally found him thinking he saw him there he rushed to the tree only to find this image fading away as he approached he ran and flew to the top of the tree screaming for help, and nothing but the morning and music of his alarm.
This day he decided to seek the roots of his family to no end. Within his research he discovered he has Native American Blood in his veins, and in particular a certain tribe with documented photos, and the records of their demise. After digging, and digging past the false image portrayed in the press, and articles, he found the photos, and truths of this catastrophe of his tribe, and the forced assimilation to white mans beliefs. He also found a very familiar photograph of one Native in particular, White Feather in his dreams. He found out htis tribe is in his bloodline. Now knowing this, and feeling liberated yet hurt, and saddened, he was closer to the realization of all the signs of a greater purpose and reasons for his de’ ja vu. Danial went home and forced himself to sleep with this new information he wanted to see where his dreams would take him, it took a while, but he did. Once again drifting to his dreamscape he noticed while flying the stream, the village all from above flowing to a different space seeing a fire burn, and horses running scared. Coming upon a clearing were he viewed the lifeless figures of a tribe scattered and wrecked, he was drawn to a particular spot under a tree were his guide lay breathing his last breaths, and fading out of this world, within this moment Danial held this magnificent man in his heart and arms. As he did his inner vision and the Native man White Feather dying visions were intertwining, and at this moment Danial realized all his visions, and dreams were the same as this dying Natives last vision of what he was desperately longing for with the merging and meeting of white man. Also that he was Danials lost bloodline descendant.
Upon waking in tears Danial realized that he was here to bring this peace in whatever way he could to his own world, and place in time.
The End or Beginning~

~White Feather~


Newport RI, United States

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This is a writing or story I have had on my mind for 7 years, and am now sharing it with the world.

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