I love words. The title has nothing to do with this journal post other the fact that I totally wish I would have named my son Archamedes. The real title is “My New Power of Invisibility”.

I saw a man today who I know and he knows me. But I was in this mood, you see, this position of wanting to be invisible, despite the fact that where I was having lunch was packed full of people. I have moments where I just want to exist but that’s it. I dont want to smile, I dont want to offer pleasantries, I dont even want to say please or thank you or go fuck yourself, I just want to BE. And so I saw this man who I knew would approach me and I willed myself to become saran wrap, I shrunk into the void within the place I was standing and what do you know…? It worked. For just one moment….I was not seen.

Only, this brings to mind the old story of the farmer who literally disappeared in the field he was working in. Pop! Gone. His family could still hear his voice though, where he was standing seconds before he disappeared but a hole had opened in the space next to him, in the ether that is the world, and swallowed him. Problem was, the hole wound up closing before he could figure out how to get out of it.

I just wonder who HE saw that he didn’t want to talk to. Just like me. And I wonder if I need to be careful of what I wish for.

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