i'm a bubble

i was more than thrilled to come across redbubble.com. I was looking for a way to try and sell my artwork online because i live in a small town where gallery space is very limited and difficult to find. And i found not only a way to atempt selling prints of some of my artwork but an art comminuty. I have only put up one image i intend on trying to sell as prints. I’ll have to use a better camera to photograph paintings and prints before i can put them up. hopefully i will do that soon. Most of what i do is serigraphy prints. I’m also big on photography. taken one class, and have been slowly working towards more knowledge and developing my abilities. I’m hoping i can still access this websit if/when i make it over to china. Right now i’m trying to get job teaching over there. I’ll most likely move over there in January. I’m thrilled about that. um….i suppose i just wrote this because i felt that i should write a journal entry of my first “bubble” day. this is by far one of the best internet websites that exists.

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