Colour shift

I decided to return and re-take a picture I had taken 16 years earlier, in 1992. Throughout my photographic career this photograph, “Two Minutes in the Life of St. John’s has been one of my most popular. I called the new image “Two Minutes Two”. In both exposures, a number of star and/or planet trails are evident. (More or less trails, depending on how it’s printed).

Two Minutes Two

I asked an astronomy friend to identify the most prominent trail on “Two Minutes Two” and he said he believes it to be Jupiter. Another friend of mine asked me a surprising question about “Two Minutes Two”. Why does the trail begin as the color red and end blue? I must admit I don’t know. It might be atmospherics? Could it be caused by the camera and optics I used?

Picture of the Red to Blue shift.

I was wondering if anyone would know why this happened or would like to comment. Looking forward and appreciate your input and thanks in advance!

Equipment and exposure.
Canon 50D
Canon 18-200mm lens, set at 18mm
ISO 100
Two minutes at f22

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