What am I doing and Why am I doing it?

An anon on Tumblr messaged me with some concerns over my Dan and Phil designs so I wanted to clarify a couple things…

I am very aware that Dan and Phil have their own merchandise shop (in fact, that’s part of the reason why I was inspired to made my own designs) and it is not in any way or form my first intention to infringe copyrights, especially for my own personal profit. If you can get me a source clarifying that creating my own shirts inspired by my two favorite YouTubers is wrong, then please tell me. I couldn’t find anything on this being wrong anywhere, and I’m sort of going off of what I see.

I have absolutely no idea where you are and what your perspective of this next issue is so, all I can do is share mine. I’d appreciate it if you did your best to sympathize with me.

Here’s my story:

1. The idea originated from my own attempt at buying merchandise from Dan and Phil’s official website. I discovered that the shipping on the items in their merch store (www.danandphilshop.com) was ridiculously high, it brought at $25 dollar t-shirt to $50. I looked into finding an unofficial Dan and Phil merch store elsewhere. My friend told me about Redbubble and how it was notorious for fan made merch. I saw the merch, thought it was ugly, and designed my own seeing as I have a background in web design/art/photoshop.

2. I’ve been trying to get a real job since I turned 16 about a year ago. Part-time jobs are not always something that one can fit into their schedule. I am a full-time student who participates in after-school athletics and extracurriculars, so I really don’t have the time aside for a part-time job. I can catsit, but that isn’t going to pay for a $8K semester at my 1st choice college.

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