The Blessed Gender

The caring nation of those of us
That have the ability
Without the fuss
We fix
We work
We pass
We cure
Our work within this world structure
Makes all life better
I want you to know
The time has come
Your prejudice stow
We are a force
That refuses to run
We are the happy
The sum of fun
We heal we teach
We nurse with care
We do the things
That most won’t dare
Control you think is what you’ll do
Control you can’t
We’re more than you
There’s always been
There always will
Be those among the masses ill
That get the reason they are here
Continue to serve
Exude their will
You can’t stop progress
You never will
You might as well forget the bill
We here
We’re queer
In your minds eye
To sad
Your Bad
Now let us fly
It’s time you must
For learning trust
Look deep inside
And judge not my
Perfection this
Before we die.

Journal Comments

  • Trena S