Birthdays, Reckoning, Hope, and Progress

I wonder how many other people mark their birthdays by considering their progress or lack of it as artists.

I know I do. Each year, I think—did I accomplish any goals at all? Did I publish anything, did I get stuff out there to be considered, did I take rejection well, did I move forward?

I did a lot this year, so I don’t feel quite the despair of last year, where rejection piled upon my head, calendars and posters and even getting art hung brought unexpected opposition.

This year I got my photography on, and hung at a local shop, partnered with an up and coming web site for moms, and next month I have an article and photography spread coming out in a magazine.

But still, each step we go up reveals another step, another piece of the sky, another hill to traverse. While I got exposure this year, it didn’t translate into anything but exposure. I still find sales pretty elusive—that perfect partnering of work with its audience. So the next goal is a bigger step, a loftier goal, another struggle upward.

And birthdays are the time to pause and plot the next part of the journey.

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