Frames, frames, and more on frames... :)

I get asked this question from my bubblemail almost daily so I thought it’s time to write it out here for people who are interested.

There are two kinds of frames, one is your own, which you use whatever software you are using to work out, which is not something I can deal with here. More questions are about the frames in the RB selection of frames when you purchase a piece of wall art. This is the kind of frame I’ll deal with here.

1. Upload your image.
2. Go to “preview/buy”;
3. Click on the kind of print you’d like the frame to apper and select that image.
4. Use “right mouse click” if you are a PC user and “Control-click” if you are a Mac user and select “copy image location”;
5. Go to “public view of this image”;
6. Go to the “comment” section as though you are going to make a comment on your own image;
7. Paste your “image location” here;
8. Add one “!” (without the quotation mark of course) to both the front AND back of your “image location” link (no space in between);
9. Click on “submit your comment”
10. Now when you go back to that “public view” of that image, you should see the second image WITH the frame you selected!

Good luck to you all who thrive in framing your images! :)

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