My One Year In RedBubble

Here is my One year in RedBubble

First i want to say a to one of the best here in redbubble
FlowersEtc for all your help here

Ok here we go this year (2009) i have made 7 sale here in RedBubble.

3 time Blue Water Bubble so thx to the 3 person for the purchase of this art.

1 time Portraits Of A Brown Horse so thx for the purchase.

1 time StarFish Reflections again thx for the purchase of this art.

1 time Beware again thx to that person for the purchase.

and 1 time Metro Street Art In Montreal Quebec Canada again a big thx for the purchase of that art

Ok for the sale of my art now to the most views picutre of my art

the winner is

this one was views by 1440 person fav by 11 comment by 49 person and had so many featured in groups.

the second is

this one was views by 1071 preson fav by 49 person and comment by 143 person finish fist in 100% You. and finish on top 10 Challenge events in more then 20 challenge. and was Featured in group like 100% !, Love Is, As Is, Photography 101 and many more other group.

i have start my first group just fun we have 455 members, 9266 images, 343 T-Shirt designs, 85 written works, 149 journal entries

in one year i had over 42376 views of my art and want to said a big thank you to all of you that have take time to come see and to have take time to give me such nice comment over my art. I want to also say a big big thank you to all the host of all the groups i am in if not for them my art would still be in my computer and not here .

so this is my one year in RedBubble

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