My First Vote

My voting experience was very pleasant. I got up early enough to avoid the hideous lines that took over after lunch. I even got a little sticker that said I voted. I was very proud to wear it.

The only thing that really got me down was to see how ignorant Americans can be and act after having all this time to ‘get to know’ their candidates.

I live in Alabama (that is no excuse be ignorant) but there are still people here that believe that Obama is a Muslim just because of his name. Had they listened even a little bit they would know that his father if from Kenya and his name originated from his fathers side of the family. Because his name isn’t Bob they decided not to give him a chance.

I was very disappointed in all the ‘Christians’ that acted like Obama is the anti-Christ. Well Holy Hot Dogs we are going to hell if they haven’t read the part of their bible that explains where the anti-Christ is to come from. If Christians want to walk around like air heads I’m not gonna make them read that part. They’ll have to find out when it happens.

As a Christian myself it upset me that the big mouth Christians I know said the world was coming to an end and that America didn’t believe in the Lord because they didn’t pick McCain.

How high and mighty can we get people? When did we get the guts to believe that God needs to wait on the American vote before he can decided when he wants to do things.


How dare we limit a limitless God. Last night I wasn’t very proud to be an American. My sadness had little or nothing to do with who the new prez is. It had to do with the intentional choice of so many Americans to be ignorant and still want an opinion. I was upset with all the people who went to the polls yesterday and voted for a man to run this country just because he is black. I was upset by the people who figured that since McCain had anything to do with the military he had their vote. They let the sob stories of these to men decided their vote. Not the actual words they said or the platforms they stood on. The issues had so little to do with this for far to many people.

Politicians are politicians America…that didn’t change!

The Bible says ‘There is nothing new under the sun,’ people have been doing crocked things as leaders of nations for thousands of years. People fall in love just as easy as they fall in hate. Most have no real opinion, no real reason for either. They just move and sway with the crowd that surrounds them.

To be honest I’m just happy Bush couldn’t run again.

Yes Obama becoming prez means a lot to minorities. But Obama becoming prez means a crap ton more than that. Now that the election process is over it has nothing to do with his skin. It has to do with the mind God gave him and how he uses it.

Oh yes he will bring change. McCain would have brought just as much change. The question is are we going to be able to live with those changes. The answer…we are going to have to…like it or not.

I was proud of this one thing…
The massive amount of people that went out to vote. Whatever their reason they went. They stayed and used one of the rights that people have fought and died to give them.

I voted yesterday and I’m proud that I did
I’m proud to live in a country where I can turn my head left and see a white man
I can turn my head right and see a black man
I look up the street and see a Latino children
Turn the corner and see an Asian mother
and I can look in the mirror and just see
A strong, opinionated, observant woman who just wants to have a good life.

My destiny is not cast at the American polls. It was cast in Heaven when the Lord took the time to make me.

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