Yet Alive

For those of you who might care I’d like to let you know that I am alive.
I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth…I’m just trying to find a new place to live on this earth.
I’m in the middle of my quest to move to Tennessee. My lack of money is overpowering my impatience to get this over with so I’ll have to prolong the move.
I have peace in my heart to wait until around Christmas but we’ll see. I just need to make a few dollars to get a few payments ahead on rent and then nail a job in TN.
But who knows…the Lord might have something crazy up his all knowing sleeve that keeps me here and happy in Alabama.
Don’t know yet…all in good time.

I love ya guys and miss my stock and design time greatly. After this next week in Chatt I should have some time to dress up like a big crazy and get some stock done and have some down time and get a few art pieces turned out.
Until then
Hugs all around
and awesometastic days to all of the bubble people I’ve come to love.

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