Copyright!!! It should be Copyright-kick your butt if you touch this without going through me first!

So yeah I don’t vent on the net much. At least not on my art accounts but this is just sad. I lovely artist that I’ve come to respect through her work on ‘deviantart’ has had her work copied and then sold here on redbubble! Now that just makes me want to shank someone. As much info redbubble puts up about the importance of a copyright the lady had to know what she was doing.
Now I haven’t been super worried about this kinda stuff in the past for myself because I know my work is still on the beginners side and not worth much. However it is pretty messed up to see an artist disrespected like that.
There should be a small shock that is sent through a users mouse whenever they try to copy an artist work. It should increase in volts as they continue. yes I know that is a lil much but I could have sent a swat team of laser wilding marines in after them.

But ne way…
respect the copyright ppl respect the copyright!

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