Favourites without comments

Some while ago, I came across a discussion in someone’s journal about why some people might favourite a work without commenting on it, and if this is rude.

As to whether this practice is rude, well, that is a question that everybody has to answer for themselves, and can only answer for themselves.

But I will tell you the reason that I do it. It is because that work has impressed itself upon me so much that I want to be able to come back to it, and I do not have the time, or perhaps the energy or imagination, to leave a comment at that particular moment.

As a related explanation to people on my watchlist whose work I rarely favourite, this is because the body of work in your portfolio has impressed itself upon me so much that I have added you to my watchlist, so that I know where to go back to the whole of your work.

To venture even more broadly into the subject of adding works to my favourites or artists to my watchlist, if I were to do this for every work or artist that appealed to me, my lists would soon become unmanageable. Consequently, I freely admit to a large element of random capriciousness in my choices.

Lacking justification for my particular choices, I thank you all for the opportunity to view your work, with or without leaving a comment.

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