Caloundra Music Festival

Caloundra Music Festival

Okay its official… if you, or someone that you know is honestly interested in being granted a Photographers pass for the upcoming Caloundra Music Festival then you will need to complete the form which can found at

Steve, is the Photograpic Co-ordinator for the festival and is there to help you as best as he can

The committee and the Caloundra City Counci, have adopted the similar policy that is in place at most music venues, forbidding photographs without authorisation.

But this chance has some added benefits:

1. You will be providing/submitting your work to the Caloundra City Council and your work may come to the attention of local business and councillors.

2. With most gigs you get a chance to shoot only the first three (3) songs, with the CMF you can shoot for as long as your batteries hold out and you have memory on your storage cards

3. You will be able to shoot a variety of differint artists expanding your portfolio.

4. You will be part of a team of photographers, working together to get the very best shots.

5. You will get to meet other people in the industry that you can network with and share ideas with.

So you have until 17 August to submit your application to Steve

If you have any queries let me or Steve know, and we will do our best to respond ASAP.

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