Daniel Parent

Gatineau, Canada

I am enthusiast photographer living in Gatineau Quebec. I have always enjoyed nature and wildlife and photography allows me to share...

Caretaking... Throw Pillow $20.00
Coyote pretty Poster $15.00
Tentative approach Poster $15.00
Snack Time Art Print $22.92
Mallard Drake in Flight Throw Pillow $20.00
Great Horned Owlets Poster $15.00
Together Poster $15.00
Holy Snapper! Poster $12.00
Braving the Storm  Poster $15.00
Young Buck Profile Poster $15.00
Safety First Poster $15.00
Into the Storm Poster $15.00
Sinister Appeal Poster $12.00
Mum with Cub Throw Pillow $20.00
Howlin' good time  iPhone Case/Skin $25.00
Expectation Poster $12.00
Mind reader Poster $15.00
Bear and Grin it Poster $15.00
Cub in a tree Poster $14.00
Flight of the Phantom 3 Poster $15.00
Close Fly By Art Print $22.92
Caught Red Nosed ! Throw Pillow $20.00
From the Shadows Poster $15.00
My Pet Frog Art Print $18.34
Blue on blue Poster $15.00
On Watch  Poster $15.00
Through the fog Poster $14.00
Hiding in Plain Sight  iPhone Case/Skin $25.00
Three is company Art Print $22.92
Looking a little down Poster $12.00
Walking the Line  Poster $15.00
On the move  Throw Pillow $20.00
Head On Poster $15.00
Flapping Scaup Poster $15.00
Still Too Early Poster $15.00
Curious Deer Poster $12.00
Baby Steps Poster $15.00
Time to reflect Poster $15.00
Close encounter Poster $15.00
Eating Elk Throw Pillow $20.00
First Light  Poster $15.00
High Ground Poster $14.00
Out of the Shadows Poster $15.00
Prowling Around Art Print $22.92
Learning to Stalk Poster $15.00
On Patrol Poster $15.00
Wonderment Throw Pillow $20.00
Easy does it  Throw Pillow $20.00
Juggling Act Art Print $22.92
The Stare Poster $12.00
The Look  Poster $15.00
Male Hoody Poster $15.00
For Life Poster $14.00
In the heat of the day Throw Pillow $20.00
Portrait of a duck Poster $15.00
Innocent I say Poster $15.00
C'mon; just one round! Poster $12.00
Into the rising mist Poster $15.00
Stop playing with your food! Throw Pillow $20.00
Things to do, places to go.. Poster $12.00
Attracted Poster $15.00
Business side of bear Poster $15.00
Turn around Snowy Poster $15.00
Into the Wind Poster $12.00
The Landing Throw Pillow $20.00
Snowy Egret Poster $15.00
Are You looking at Me! Poster $15.00
Calling out Mrs Hoody Art Print $22.92
Full Steam Ahead! Poster $15.00
Hey Big Boy... Poster $15.00
Long Night... Poster $15.00
Cute Barn Owl  Poster $12.00
On the count of 3, 2... Poster $15.00
Friendly Fox Poster $12.00
Red tailed Hawk Profile Art Print $22.92
Common Merganser Poster $12.00
Wing flapping teal Throw Pillow $20.00
Tricolored Takeoff Poster $15.00
Colour me Blue Heron Throw Pillow $20.00
Why can't we be friends... Poster $15.00
Making Waves Poster $12.00
At the Den's Edge Throw Pillow $20.00
In Flight Art Print $22.92
Loon Stare Throw Pillow $20.00
Little Redstart Poster $15.00
The art of negotiation Art Print $18.34
Flight of the Female Wood Duck Poster $12.00
Happenstance Hawk Poster $15.00
Liftoff Art Print $22.92
On my Way  Art Print $22.92
Barn owl profile Throw Pillow $20.00
Cold Stare Poster $15.00
Woody on Snow Throw Pillow $20.00
Smokey the Coyote Poster $12.00
Talk to me... I'm listening... Poster $15.00
Pileated Portrait Poster $15.00
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