Sneaking my way back to Redbubble

I’ve been on Redbubble for quite some time now but I haven’t really been maintaining my shop all that well. Far from it.

This is my attempt to breath some new life into this old account, and I hope to upload a few new drawings over the next days. There will be mandalas, lotus flowers and quite possibly a couple of landscape illustrations to come.

Despite my absence there have been a small number of sales to my surprise.
Unexpected to say the least and I want to take this opportunity to thank who ever have bought something from this store.

Thank you!

It means so much to me every time someone deems my art good enough to buy.
I hope the products and especially the designs live up to your expectations.

It would also be so cool to see these products in use! Like, where to you stick the stickers? Are you using the phone case? I want to know and I want to see!
I don’t know if there is a way for costumers to share photos of what you bought here on redbubble, but please feel free to use my email if you’d like: <——

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