The Mystical Blessing In Refrence To Pearl

Pearl is a woman of all great things she was born in North Carolina , where she was raised and grown up, until she reached 18 years of age she than married and moved up North to start a whole new life. Pearl eventually moved to Connecticut with her 2 children and began a career as a LPN nurse ahe worked in several different hospitals and facilities where she had assisted several patients all over the world.
As the months began to pass on Pearl had several different licenses in different fields one of them were taking care of children that was not wanted or was given up by their families. Pearl was awarded mother of the year back in 1990 becase ahe had taking in over 50 semi children into her home she was a mother to many that was on the verge of poor life, death, and starvation.
The children that entered her home was about to die they didn’t even know that life had existed because their life was on hold and the verge of dying she had quit her job to take these children in and in the process of giving them what they had needed most which was love, attention , and nourishment. Once pearl had got these kids back their strength she introduced them to their other siblings which was their sisters and brothers , she had given them a family, food on the table, a roof over their heads, and most of all a mother’s love which was unconditional.
Through the years Pearl had lost one child due to a tumor her name was April she has died when she was 12 years old. When she had passed Pearl knew that she had to keep on living for the others because they had no one else but her, in the process she gained back her strength but it was hard in the beginning because it was her first time ever losing a child, a few years later she had also has 2 heart attacks and a stroke within a month all at one time, the doctors said that she had needed to rest more and now it’s time that someone take care of her . Her little ones thought that they were losing her and thought she was going to die but somehow God continues to keep her here for those kids because what she has in her heart for them the next won’t.
What she feels for her kids aint no one else going to do the things that she does for them and that’s because she is a mother of one kind and has a pure heart of gold. A mothers love is unconditional, it does not hurt and it’s not the same from others, no one can ever replace or take your mothers place and that is so true.

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