Searching For A Lost Soul

I’ve been searching for so many years to find inner peace and happiness within I can not find what I am seeking for. On the inside I am fenced in where there isn’t any way to be released because I am caged in by barb wire. The outside has a story that needs to be told, my outer appearence tells it all , due to my actions , the way that I respond to others are not in a formal manner. I cry tears of pain, sadness, and hurt because there isn’t anyone to shower me . I feel this way because I don’t have anyone that I can lean on. I need a shoulder to lean on to cry , someone to hold me in their arms where I can sense love within, and comfort. Those of them that has caused me a great deal of treachery dosen’t care about what affects the next person, I sense and feel so many complications due to the aspect that I am not one to go around and hurt other peoples feelings because I am in such pain. Those of them that does negativity to one it comes back to them double fold, inotherwords, they reap what they sow.

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