Finding True Love

True love is the place that many seek, many call it life’s highest peak, it’s truly blind to coldness, it is peaceful, interesting and divine, sometime it seem so hard 2 find, but when true love is found you know in it, and you’ll always want 2 be entwined, with wisdom we learn truths we know that looks are not important and know that a good heart matters most, when love is sought in silly superficialities the only thing that is found is emptiness, love does not want superiority, and respects the difference in equality, it is not cruel, irrogant, or mean, true love is kind, caring, considerate and clean. True love is not found with lust or power trips, it can not be found in butts, or hips. It isn’t found in muscles, height, or boobie traps, it can not be found in body gaps. It is forgiving but it learns from the past, true love is sympathetic and it lets you be free anyone who knows true love will agree.

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