Self / Feeling

On the inside I am like a caged bird not knowing how to find myself out, I think constantly about the things that take place in my life. Throughout, each day even thogh I try my hardest to let go and to leave things where they belong, someone or something has to come along and pull that barrier aloose. I try not to be mean but based upon what and how I am feeling, things affect me in a major way, to the circumstance where I can not help or control what I may say to others, wether it hurts them or not. I try to be patient which is hard but it takes time to gain patience with others, I understand where others come from and their situations in life and their point of views. Regardless of ant matter or issue before I intend to speak I am the type of person to take all things personally.In the beginning there is always a chapter to a story that starts off interesting- but once you get to the middle section it begins to speed up successfully as you may prolong to read, you began to speculate and grasp hold of what is taking place, in otherwords, some parts are critical but there is a change or else should I say plot of a phase , which you are taking a journey all alone in the wilderness where there isn’t anything surrounding you but darkness and cold walls.There are times when you sit back and look back on your past history of life which were known as the good old days. I’m sitting here looking out the mirror and I’m saying to myself that I must find my inner being within myself, I know there are alot of things I must discover about myself, There are some things that are hidden and hasn’t been discovered, I know that as a individual as part of being born into this world we all start off self centered which is part of human life.

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