My Experience / Lesson

In the beginning I got pregnant durning the time I was 23 years old, I had my son when I was going on 24, in Lawrence Memorial Hospital in New London, CT. At that time I was incarcerated doing a bid of two and a half years. The reason why I had gotten incarcerated was because I had time already hanging over my head from my previous past life. Inotherwords, I was 6 months pregnant when I had gotten sentenced, it was like a total nightmare for me I wasn’t afraid/ scared I didn’t think that I was able to do the time, but I figured in the process if I did the crime I can do the time, than it was too late to back out cause I should of listened to my mother , instead I had a hard head so I had to sit until it softened. As my time began that day which was on a friday night it was the worses of having to enter the prison gates than go through admittance, and so forth. It was tough because that night I had to stand before about 5 correctional officers of which were women that watched me undress. I was to to spread them that meant you had to spread your legs and squat and cough all at the same time, than you had to turn around and do the same again. When that was completed I had to step into the shower with quail on my body and than let it stand on my body for 10 minutes before I was told to wash it off. When I got out the shower I dried off and put on my uniform and took a urine in the cup, than I was lead to medical which was a requirement for new admittace you had to stay there for a week or 3 days unless their was room for you in population. Breakfast was at 5:30 in the morning, lunch was at10:00, and dinner was at 4:00. I had gotten classified to Restrictive Housing Unit whaich was (RHU) I was a level 5 which was not good I was housed with all the gang members, the murders, and those that were their for life. I had a few roommates who had killed some people. Where I was housed at I was only allowed to shower Mon, Tues, Fridays only, Tues, and Saturday was laundry day only, I had to shower with handcuffs on , I had to have recreation and bible study with the cuffs on also. In the process of all this I stayed in my room and read my time away despite the fact that the walls were closing in on me I thought I was going to die. It was nearing for mre to have my child the night before I had dilated 5 and a half centimers and was taken to the hospital . I was shackled to the bed while I was having my son and it was the worses experience ever not having your family in their with you but all strangers who worked at the correction. Since being home again it has been a blessing and a valuable lesson to me I learnd that long as I live I will listen the next time and do right instead of doing the opposite. It was hard but I made it through.

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