My Experience In Real Life What Happened While I Was A Little Girl/ Family Life

I really don’t know how to start my story because it is so heart felt and alot of things that happened was not good at all, I tried as I gotten older I put my past history behind me and went forward, I put my trust in my mama that I have been with since that fatal day and her name is Agnes. God for being my life and allowing me to have faith, belief , and trust in him and others. The only people that I would presumably confine in would be my self, my mother, and sister and above all God himself. Durning the time that I was in the world as an infant newborn my name was at birth Takeisha Jackson, at the age of seven that is when my life began to change dramatically. Inotherwords, when I was seven years old my biological parent had decided to walk out on me and my siblings and to never return or come back for us. Throughout the years I realize that it was her intention to go and never look back on what she had created within her own being. As a little girl not knowing what to expect or what to do but to feel lost and hopeless. I didn’t know how to pray until I came to my safe haven angel and that was until my mama Agnes came to rescue me undoubtedly, eventhough she had children of her own God had sent her to me and had guided the state officials in her foot steps because he knew that she was able to mend a broken heart that had no form of life or spirit of knowledge within. I learned that from my ma Agnes that when you bear a child within you that child is suppose to be the closes thing to your heart , and the love you have for that child is unconditional < which means that it is a uniqueness of love that is ever flowing like a river that is running dry except that when the well is dry that love she has for you or me is never ending but it is the greatest gift to ever feel, inorder to receive it you must know that love does not hurt. My mama has taught me to love her regardless of the past , and for what she might have done she knew that she wasn’t able to provide the necessity of a mother’s love so , in the process my mother told me to love and not hate her , but to forgive her for what she has done to me and the others but to thank God for life , and to guide her heart and spirit into Gods hands to seek coverage, peace, love, and abundance in all that she do to let the light shine down on her . This stoy takes place in Willimantic, CT, on a cold December night with the wind blowing like ice and plenty of snow was on the ground because Christmas was near and since it was so close for me my christmas gift came early that year , so I receive the gift of a new family, home, and love ones, but especially my mother Agnes was my blesseth gift from above the heavens. When Julia up and disappeared I knew how to keep house, and to clean, as that time began to go on for days with no sign of her I had to go to shelter to shelter inorder for the others to eat and make sure that they would be safe , those kids had depended upon me to protect them and to show them love and attention but most of all nuturing. Takeisha never knew what it was to have a mother and daughter relationship until she came to know what a mothers love consisted of , until that very moment and day which was when she had appeared at her mama" door late that night . The child had grown up and was raised in Hartford,CT in the worse parts that existed which was known as the Ville od Ghetto. At the age of twelve I stood before judge Calhoun, in the Superior Court House. He than asked me what I had wanted to do , I stated that I wanted to be with my ma who was standing right beside me , at that moment I had felt a since of change. My mama than had accepted me into her arms with open hands of a lifetime of committment that she did not know what might happen. By me being her child she had to go through a great deal of things with me , like when I started school I began to fight constantly, I would cuss out everyone that I seen, I had tantrums left and right. As I had gotten older I has began to things that was out of the ordinary that was not called for and those things that I had did had hurt my ma alot especially her heart. The matter of things I put her through she had still stayed their with me step by step and guided me through each day. In the end it was worth it but a valuable lesson for me I learned alot of things in this life and still is learning alot more from my mother. I thank God for her each day that is before me. She is an inspiration to me and my sisters and brothers , I wish that there was other kids that would reach out to seek a friendly relationship with their parent despite the bad let the past go and live for today.

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